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because i'm not studying (?!) [06 Aug 2006|12:11pm]
new livejournal hitoriasobi

mmm, i'll probably not use this one again.
so hmmm... present friends, add me if you love me? if you have time?
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maison de himiko [04 Aug 2006|11:20pm]

the highlight of the entire movie. i especially love the first 10 seconds of the clip.

so i was watching the movie yestersday, and my brother came up and saw the last bits of this dancing part, looked interesting to him so he continued to watch.

only minutes later odagiri joe was alone in a room with shibasaki kou and it got kind of awkward for me. but i thought they would never do anything much because odagiri joe plays the lover of shibasaki kou's dad.. but more or less something did happen

see i already can never watch movies in the daytime when my grandparents are around. and at night usually my parents are home. but they finally weren't home for once but then my brother had to come back from HK.

the lesson learned is, skim through the movie to see if there are any parts that i cannot watch with my family, them being somewhat conservative and all.

anyway, the movie was okay. i expected it to be better, after the dance it got kind of boring, but i loved the ending...

ah, time to start studying for finals tomorrow. my parents are planning a trip for the family (minus my oldest brother). ah.... i really don't want to go. every family vacation makes me want to withdraw from them even more...
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[01 Aug 2006|11:28pm]


i love how they have that little excerpt from the ex. but i guess he no longer has to talk about his dream because he's living it out now.

but i was looking at the Pavilion Sanshouo site, and i kept looking at kashii yu (not knowing who she was but why does she look so familiar?)

and of course i wiki-d it, and she plays the teacher in 'my boss, my hero'! she's 18 and playing a 24 year old! Murakawa Eri is only a few months younger than her and she plays her student!! but she really doesn't look 18 at all... when i read that article for some reason i imagined him going out with like.. a tsuji look-a-like or something hahaha that would've been funny....
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odagiri joe gives award to tsutsumi shinichi [31 Jul 2006|11:04pm]

hahaha. cute~
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[30 Jul 2006|06:48pm]
so now i can download awesome movies that i couldn't before. don't ask me how though, because it's a secret.

anyway, someone decided it would be a good idea to take the korean subs from 'linda, linda, linda' and throw it in a translator to be used as english subs.

00:51:16,950 --> 00:51:20,698
That khyo the nose is importance, the printed style of writing but the end Oh!..

00:51:21,096 --> 00:51:24,022
mwen.. It is born but appear impression to be knowing
It holds it boils but..

00:51:26,517 --> 00:51:30,844
When live performing finally,
Spirit it does probably and without it throws away

...obviously that does not work. stupid, stupid people.
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新白雪公主 [27 Jul 2006|11:47am]

for you cantonese people...
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[26 Jul 2006|09:52pm]

there's a vancouver asian film festival too, however, that's different because here it's to support independent asian filmmakers, and i don't think they show any screenings of asian films outside of north america.

it would be awesome if we had one like new york's though. because so many japanese films don't have english subtitles but for these festivals, of course they do.

i want to see 'linda, linda, linda' and 'pacchigi!' and i checked on yesasia and cdjapan that they don't have english subtitles. not that i would buy it anyway (4000~5000yen for one movie? no way!!) but i was thinking of getting my brother in HK to get me some.... so i am making up a list of movies i want to see.

i feel like owning a copy of waterboys and swing girls too... i guess i could burn it. but i have the subtitles in a seperate .srt file. is it possible to burn them together?! ah.. i'll figure it out after finals...
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[23 Jul 2006|12:25pm]
this morning my dad asked me to go out to lunch with him and my mom, and i said no. but he was like 'we're going to talk about your future though' and that just makes it more the reason NOT to go.

one on one time with parents never end up in a good way anyway. my dad will just end up trying to learn about every single aspect of my life which i will never tell him because he wouldn't understand anyway. and then he will start talking about the million things that i'm doing wrong with my life and i feel that i criticize myself enough, i don't need someone coming in and sitting me down to do the same thing. especially when it's by someone that doesn't even know me, making some weird assumptions on the type of person i am.

it's not like i could flat out say to them that i hate spending time with them. but that is the truth. anytime a conversation goes sour they'll think it's my fault because of the way i answered. but they never stop to think it's their fault because of the questions that they asked, cornering me like that.

my dad, the annoying type of person he is, "i'm going to make a deal with you." and i'm just like "oh my god.. don't make a deal with me" because i hate it when he does that it's the most retarded thing to do. "it's either go out to a long dinner with the family, or out for a short lunch with us" and i didn't even argue, i just picked dinner. because at least with my grandparents around my dad won't ask me inquisitive questions

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[22 Jul 2006|01:10pm]
holy crap, is it hot or what?!
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困ったな~ガッツが足りないし... [22 Jul 2006|12:51am]
ah, it'd be nice if people could be erased from memory.

somehow seeing them again or just thinking about them makes me feel a bit deceived. but circumstances change, and people also change. going two different ways is not what i mind, but it's actually what i prefer. it's after the split that somehow one way or another they'll resurface is what i hate.

i guess it'd be easier if i actually had the guts to go somewhere else for school. but i'm not very smart and there's no point in going to school somewhere else when it's not going to anything for me but just cost more money in the end. doing horrible locally is better than doing horrible somewhere else.

you wouldn't believe the great extents i take just to avoid someone.... my friend was like 'why would you do that? you could just walk past them, pretend you don't see them. or even just wave, or talk a tiny bit and say you have to go' but i don't know, it's like i don't even want to confirm their existence...

and summer semester's not that bad either, because most aren't even taking summer courses (unless i just haven't seen them around) but come fall, they'll be everywhere again.

also slightly picking up the will to learn japanese again. not so much by means of school though... i'll probably give up really quickly though. but i plan to try seeing what i can do in 3 weeks summer break and a few weeks into school before things start getting busy again... i figured because i'm a loser that doesn't work, i should really do something. ah, i'll never be part of the workforce, such an unproductive member of society.
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Full House... in JAPANESE!! [18 Jul 2006|01:46pm]

i don't know what's better than this!!

the dub is pretty good! why must english people butcher the dubs of japanese shows, but japanese can do english shows so well?!
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[18 Jul 2006|01:03pm]
i don't want to jinx myself, but i think my history paper went relatively well. especially considering how i crammed it in. also crammed with studying for my geog test which i thought i did well too, but once again, don't want to be jinxing myself.

i always feel kind of geeky when after finishing a paper and i look at it proudly. and even more proudly if i get it back with a good mark on it. i have all my midterms and papers in my pretty overpriced sfu binder and it's awesome.

friday, saturday, sunday and monday was pretty much nonstop paper writing/studying for test. i really should've used thursday but i was tired on thursday because wednesday i had another paper due.

therefore, more drama watching time because today is ultimate slack off day.

kurosagi final episode is released. i doubt there'll be any yamapi x horikita maki love though... or is there?!
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[16 Jul 2006|01:19pm]
i was just thinking how people in the past ever wrote papers or studied without the internet and a computer.

there's so much stuff that's wonky in my notes or stuff in books i don't really understand and i have to wikipedia and google so much for information.

i remember my ta for cmns110 said that when he was in university he had to type his papers on a typewriter. and his teacher wanted him to take out one paragraph and add more stuff somewhere else, and it was a 50 page paper so he had to retype it all out. and i thought that was the saddest thing ever.

oh, my friend's cmns223's ta was also sisi's (from cntm) ta before. haha, that's so awesome. he said that she's very smart and stuff.

i don't like how cntm is going. i don't really particularly love any of the finalists. if andrea wins this that'll be just like #$(#)$(#)$#$ she's soooo weird. a suitcase full of candy? VERY weird/childish clothes? ugh, i hate andrea. she cries more than i cry when i watch my dramas.

i don't want alanna to win either just because none of her pictures were that good since the beginning?

so i guess yeah, it'll only make sense if sisi wins but i don't really like her either.

if heather was actually good, i would've wanted her to win. or natalie.

ugh i hate studying.
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[15 Jul 2006|08:03pm]
man, i seriously don't know anything about korea.

"Korean won currency advanced to the UN Forces and government deficits caused by enormous outlay for procurement of military supplies aggravated the wartime inflation"

...how did Korea win currency?! huuuuh?!

it was only after a really long time that i realize 'won' is the korean currency. which makes this all make so much more sense. hahaha i feel so stupid now. i think the text should make some distinction though... like italicize it or quote it or something. but i guess they didn't expect people to be dumb like me.

only 400 words now. damn this.
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[14 Jul 2006|10:41pm]
hooray for korea and their quick process of modernization
makes this a teensy bit easier.

i have 0 pages on my paper so far. writing up notes.

but i believe once i finish writing notes (and who knows how long that will take) and i have a good chronology and idea of what i will write, it shouldn't take that long because all i need then would be fancy sentences to connect the dots... hopefully

also, i dirtied an in process book. i'm the first person to ever borrow that book so.... if they notice the dirtiness (which is on the outside of the book but it isn't THAT bad... kinda) i probably will have to pay them some fine.. and look kind of bad...

i hope it'll be okay. i'm supposed to return it to them directly, but i just put it in the library drop off because i didn't want to hand them the book and having them see it... yeah..

koi wa tatakai 7 and 8 are out.. i want to watch it..
i already watched kurosagi 9... hahaha. damn dramas. you know i can't resist you.

willy wonka: if only i could download dramas on my computer too.... *cries and takes a bite out of his chocolate computer*
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[14 Jul 2006|06:04pm]
as you can all probably guess, i have not started my paper yet.

monday: midterm 4:30-6:30
tuesday: 9:30am paper due

the prof even e-mailed us saying "9:31am will count as a day late"

tonight before i sleep: write at least 3 pages
tomorrow before i sleep: write 4 more pages
sunday: make notes for midterm, hopefully finish note making by 9pm, try to memorize effectively until 1am
monday: study before the midterm, come home, finish remainder pages, edit, bibliography

i'll most probably be behind on my plan or not follow it at all. i don't like how on sunday i'm making notes for the midterm, i'd prefer it if i get at least half of the notemaking done on saturday.. who knows...

but i don't like rushing my paper last minute, this paper is going to be 30% of my grade so...

at least my midterm, i did magically well on the first midterm and paper, so i only need 19.5/36 on this midterm to get a B- in the course... but i don't want to slack off just because i don't need higher grades, i studied reaaaal hard last time to get a 29.5/36, and i thought i didn't do so good, so i guess the prof marks easy but hmm... don't want to risk it still.
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[13 Jul 2006|08:24pm]

i've just watched episode 1...what a silly but original circumstances for a drama

it's incredibly funny and incredibly sad...

it slightly reminds me of the truman show.. because it's like everyone knows about him but he doesn't know that everyone knows about him.

whoops. should be working on paper.
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[12 Jul 2006|11:10am]
worst. paper. ever.
i hope those chinese people in my class do horribly then maybe the ta will give me a higher mark.

i know... i'm chinese too...

i think i need around 22/35 on this paper to kind of assure that i can get at least a C- in this course... i don't want to retake it.. holy crap i don't want to retake this course.

after coming home at 6:00-ish tonight, i need to get cracking on my next paper.

ahhhhhhh. it never ends!!!
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[11 Jul 2006|03:31pm]
i really suck at writing papers.

57 words is more like a paragraph than a sentence.

do not pass go. do not collect $200.

ahhhhhh i'll never finish this #$()#$)(#)$% paper. so stressed.

so stressed that i watched waterboys again. for some reason i thought hirayama aya was ueno juri... they look alike.... the ueno juri in swing girls and the hirayama aya in waterboys.. maybe it's just me.

ahhh back to paper. i hate you complicated regulations!!! and damn you hong kong for being so damn unorganized with your laws.

"In Hong Kong the legal sources are dispersed in legislation and case law. There has been no attempt to compile them into a single core catering for the activity of advertising"

damn youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
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[09 Jul 2006|04:37pm]
in the course of 7 days.. i will have 2 ten-page papers due along with a midterm.

damn, these papers are hard. stupid paper restrictions forcing me to write either about canada or my home country. not going to write about canada because my ta would know everything about canada.

so i'm stuck doing hong kong. which is okay except reading my books it turns out the government doesn't even directly do anything to regulate advertising (which is my regulatory problem, advertising targeted at children). which complicates everything, to explain how the government indirectly.. does... stuff and have to talk about independent regulatory bodies...

and then i guess i'll compare it to china. and yes, i'm quite aware that HK is technically a part of china but they're so different so i figured i'll compare the two (if not i'll compare HK to canada...but i don't really want to do that...)

my other paper is on the indusstrialization of korea because some girl in my class took japan and started 3 weeks before the due date of the paper and i'm not going to compete with her. besides, she took all the books i wanted already. the tough part of that paper is that i need to find primary sources. ugh.

don't know when i'll study for my midterm. but i did surprisingly good on the paper and the first midterm that all i need is 19.5/36 to get a B- in the course. that's like 54%.... shouldn't be that difficult, right?

i also managed to rewatch all the episodes of GTO hahaha. it's been 6 years since i first watched it. matsushima nanako was so young back then, her face was so cute and chubby. and i love her big poster in her apartment... of takenouchi yutaka?! hahaha. and did ikeuchi hiroyuki ever have a main character role? why is he always a supporting character? he looks like he could be a main character to me. asaaaaaaato!!!!
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